26 December 2011

If I'm not me

If I'm not me; now
What would happen to me, soon?
What would I be, then?


Allah knows better.
And Everything.

Everytime I looked at random pictures;
And looked at random people around me
I did ask myself a question

What if I were those people?
What If this is not me?
What will happen to me?

Again; Only Allah has the answer.

I shouldn't questioning that.
This is my fate.
My destiny.

From all the life i had live, this is my current destination.
And for sure, it's temporarily.
Or a day after?

I just will know that when it is happen.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not strong
There was a time that I wanted to be them
Thank God.
For give me a chance to still be me,
And please,
I don't wanna change to be another
That I used to be.

And for the life I'm Living now,
Thank You Allah for giving me heart to beat.

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