24 November 2011

Dear Girl

Whoever you are,
Where ever you come from,
Whatever things come in your life,
I do want to see you smile.
I do want happiness to come in your life.

No matter how hard life is,
No matter how hard you try,
I know you can.

It may hurt you sometime,
It might makes you cry at night,
But life is going to be fine.

Have faith in God,
You'll got what you want.

Ask from Him,
Tell everything to Him,
Allah will always listen to you,
Will always be there for you.
But please,
Never stop praying.

Dear Girl,
I am your friend,
You are my friend,
We are all friend,
Now and until the end.

These words are for you, Girl
With "s" or without,
It is still for you,
Girl, or Girls,
For a single person,
Or for every girl around the world;
I just want to see you smile.


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