24 October 2011

A wrong priority

People do have this; sometimes.

They've had a wrong priority in life. What is supposed to be the most important thing in life actually? It is subjective. Neither he nor she can explain. Even myself, I do have this kind of "disease". As a student for example, what is your priority? Common answers will be to study; to success; to get straight A's. Indeed, there are the priorities. But how far do those things be important to you? (i mean, to me). This is the time where people get confusing about the list of important things in their life. Absolutely, different roles, position, status, and life environment contributes to the different important things. Me as well, although I'm a student but I don't see my priority can successfully illustrates that I am a student. Maybe this thing seems to be a rubbish to some people, but I do want to talk to myself here about this.

What are my priorities? I'm saying "I want to success". "I want show that I can Do it". But, obviously, I'm not doing things that can support those priorities. Honestly, I might put a wrong thing first in my mind.

(I'm not talking about Love. For me, Love is some other thing. Love can always be our priority. We love mom and dad, we love friends, we love to be loved by someone, so for me love is wide and subjective to be talked here. But, don't let Obsession become apart of the love story between he and she cause obsession might gives more impact than priority)

Back to the topic, wrong priority might makes you regret. It might bring you to the wrong way, and wrong choice might be made.

Obsession might starts with priorities. And I admit, I'm already reach the Obsession level.


Too much having this kind of thing will just give nothing to you. Therefore, I should have a right priority! yeah! *Erk. I don't thing I can.


Stop talking like a speaker, or motivator, or what so ever. Please, remind yourself (Farah), you should go back to the main point and think back about your priorities.

Other than chillaxing, can you find any other thing to be the most important? -Erk!

Definitely no. That's why I'm talking about this now. *hehehehehe.

Talking to ourselves might sound crazy, insane, and weird. But trust me, it is a kind of therapy. And can encourage other people as well. (If I can't encourage myself, then I hope I can encourage other) *hahahahaha

Ok. So, think back. What is your priority. OK!


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